20 Year Vision

In 2002, I set a twenty-year goal to establish one significant model community each year in South Asia. I have not met that ambitious goal but we’re not doing badly!

These communities serve their regions as working examples with solid government, innovative vision and sustainable growth. I generally locate a model community in a major city where we target middle-income families.

My hope is that these communities will become financial centers where the work in the outlying areas can be directed and funded with resources from within the model.



In the first year of that twenty-year vision, we established a community in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We grew to 375 adults by the end of the third year. By 2014 the community had grown to over 1,500 adult members..


Our second community was in India. Located in a rapidly growing commercial center the congregation is middle to upper income, English speaking, and was fully self-supported within one year. They have now raised up other leaders and have planted scores of communities in their region.


Our third model community was launched July 2004 in a medium sized town in Nepal. It has not grown as quickly as our other communities but it is a solid work of about 150 adults.

West Nepal

Our fourth community was a bit of an exception from our other works. Led by an emerging Nepali leader, the work was already functioning before we came alongside. We helped him expand his main community from about 150 members to over 1,000 by 2014, and together we established over 300 village communities representing about 25,000 folk.



Our fifth model community was launched in March of 2005 just outside Islamabad, Pakistan. This rapidly growing community reached an adult attendance of 1,500 by 2014.


Our sixth model community was launched in 2011 in India. This community has grown steadily since its inception. By 2014 it reached over 300 adults

Islamabad 2

Our seventh model community was launched in 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is now well over 350 adults and growing.

Tharu Girl