Nepali church volunteers

Nepali church volunteers

tent distribution

tent distribution

leveled homes

leveled homes

June 2, 2015


Adam Pitts spent two weeks in May surveying the need and identifying how we can best move forward with the earthquake relief effort. He was in Nepal during the second major quake and described it as unsettling. His field video reports were gripping.

We’ve had a total of $190,000 donated to the quake relief. We have sent four 20-ton trucks of supplies, each shipment accompanied by a busload of 30-35 Nepali church-member volunteers. I’m so proud of our Nepali leaders and of how they have risen to the occasion to minister to their countrymen.

To date, we’ve spent $32,500 on emergency supplies. Other relief agencies are pouring resources into the most affected areas, so we are doing our best to avoid duplicating efforts. We are also beginning to pull back on the emergency aid and to focus on rebuilding. The Nepali government is requiring that we apply for permission to work in a given area. They are also requiring that any buildings we reconstruct be earthquake resistant. I understand this and we have applied for permission with the Nepali government to begin rebuilding in one of the most stricken areas.

Many challenges remain. The monsoon season is approaching, which will greatly hinder the rebuilding efforts. Many of the folk we are helping are farmers who have lost everything, including the seed that they should now be planting for the next growing season. It’s difficult to imagine the suffering and the deep disappointment they are facing.

Thanks for all you have done to help us rebuild broken lives.

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