Adam in Luknow, India

Loading Second Truck

Loading Second Truck

Adam Pitts Field Report

It’s midnight and I'm sitting on a porch in Nepalgunj, Nepal, getting eaten by voracious mosquitoes. We leave in 6 hours with a team of thirty Nepali volunteers on a bus to deliver the supplies we bought and loaded today. We're going to one of the most remote and devastated areas. There are reports of bodies still visible in the rubble, and there will be landslides to cross.

We'll stop-over in Kathmandu, Nepal, on the way, arrive in the villages Friday morning, distribute all day, then take the 18 hour ride back to Nepalgunj. We'll rest for a day, then load up with a construction team and do the trip all over again. I will document the beginning stages of helping people rebuild their lives. Some long, crazy, difficult days are ahead.

We have tents, blankets and mattresses for 1,000 families purchased and loaded. We leave at six in the morning on an 18-hour bus ride to one of the hardest hit and remote areas. This is literally your donations and generosity at work.

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