How We Are Helping

When the Tsunami struck Sri Lanka in 2004, we were able to help the rebuilding of a nation by channeling supplies and funding through our model church in Colombo. This strategy proved to be efficient as the Colombo church mobilized their manpower and financial resources to multiply our investment. I want to do the same to help rebuild in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake.

Since it is in the far west, our model church in Nepalgunj was not affected by the earthquake, nor were the 206 churches we have in the western region. With over 15,000 adult members, these churches represent a significant source of manpower. Nepalgunj is one mile from the border of India and an important trade corridor. We can buy supplies from India at very good prices. I want to purchase emergency supplies and transport them by truck from Nepalgunj to the earthquake-affected areas. It’s a twelve-hour overland journey from Nepalgunj to Kathmandu but this is the most cost-effective way to get emergency supplies into the capital region.

We also have skilled laborers in our western Nepal churches. I want to send some of our craftsmen to the Kathmandu Valley to help in the rebuilding. This is far more efficient and far more effective than sending international teams. Our leaders are skilled workers, are knowledgeable, and can more accurately assess the needs than any international visitor. And since I have worked with them for over twelve years, I trust their judgment.

Pastor KB and I are working now on a strategy that we can implement immediately. He shared with me that 50 people were killed in a church collapse in Kathmandu. (This was not one of our churches) One of Pastor KB’s ministry friends was injured and 12 of that friend’s congregation members were killed. Roads are damaged and moving about the country may be hindered, but we will mobilize as quickly as is humanly possible.

There has been much interest from our ministry friends, asking how they may help. I will begin with this general plan and re-evaluate as we move along. I will rely on my leaders on the ground to assess the best way to use any contributions we receive for this project. We will prioritize our efforts by first helping those we know. I literally have the leadership infrastructure in place to responsibly channel just about any amount of funding.

Thanks for standing with us as we respond in compassion to this urgent need.



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