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Reviews of "The Master of Relationships”

A masterpiece book! - Dr. Alex Abraham, Ludhiana, India 

A timely work, exceptionally thought out and soundly presented. 
Pastor Don Matheny, Nairobi, Kenya 

This book has it all. - Pastor Dishan DeSilva, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

An excellent book for leaders who want to multiply. 
Pastor Werner Kniesel, Zurich, Switzerland 

Wow! Good stuff. Insightful, challenging and easy-to-read. 
Pastor Tuck Yoong, Singapore 

This man knows what he is talking about. He has walked it! 
Pastor Cami Almedia, Colombo, Sri Lanka 

Thanks Rick, you have taken me beyond the methods, mechanics and numbers into the core of real Kingdom success. 
Pastor Gertjan Goldschmeding, Amersfoort, The Netherlands

¡Una obra magistral! Dr. Alex Abraham, Ludhiana, India

Una obra oportuna, de lo más excepcional y lógicamente presentada. Pastor Don Matheny, Nairobi, Kenya

Su libro lo tiene todo. Pastor Dishan DeSilva, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Es un libro excelente para el uso de líderes que desean la multiplicación. Pastor Werner Kniesel, Zurich, Switzerland

Este libro es una necesidad para todo líder. Pastor Earnest Komanapalli, Hyderbad, India

¡UAU! Materia buena. Perspicaz, estimulante y fácil de leer. Pastor Tuck Yoong, Singapore

Este hombre sabe lo que esta diciendo. ¡Lo ha aprendido por experiencia propia! Este libro es una necesidad para aquellos líderes que desean formar equipos eficaces. Pastor Cami De Almeida, Australia

Gracias Rick. Me has llevado mas allá de los métodos, las mecánicas y los números hasta la medula del verdadero éxito del Reino. Pastor Gertjan Goldschmeding, los Países Bajos


Reviews of "The Power of Your Destiny"

Powerful book! I had a hard time putting it down! 
Pastor Michael Fletcher, Manna Church, Fayetteville, North Carolina 

In the course of forty-seven years of ministry I have not read a more Biblical or more refreshing treatment of destiny in life than this work. 
Pastor Jim Clark, INLC 

A gold mine of inspiring truths born out of practical experience! The body of Christ needs this book. 
Pastor Chris Hodges, Church of the Highlands, Birmingham, Alabama 

I started reading at bedtime and could not stop until I had finished the last chapter. This book is a must for every serious believer. 
Pastor Rod Aquillard, Reserve Christian Fellowship 

Rick's life is about destiny. 
Pastor Larry Stockstill, Bethany World Prayer Center